Frequently Answered Questions / Tips

How to play

Egg buddies is an egg hunting game. New eggs are released into the game every day by the King. The purpose of the game is to retrieve eggs, complete the daily missions, and find the special locked eggs to gain Points.

To begin finding eggs, click on the 'Find Eggs' tab.

There are several ways to gain Points:

  • - You win 1 point for every egg that you find
  • - You win 100 points for finding the Eggs of the day
  • - You win 200 points every time you complete your mission
  • - You win 20-150 points every time you unlock a locked egg

At the end of every month, Medals are awarded to the 5000 players with the highest number of Points, and a new round begins.

How do I find eggs?

You can find eggs:
  • - In your own and your friends' egg boxes
  • - As gifts from your friends. Your friends are notified about the eggs that you need and they can help you with your mission. You can find those gifts here
  • - From eggs that your friends put Up for grabs. Look out for news stories about Up for grabs eggs in your facebook home page. Make sure you click on 'View live feed' so as not to miss any of these stories.

When you find an egg in one of those places, just click on it to retrieve it.

How do I complete my mission

You need to find all the eggs depicted in "Your mission". When you have found all the eggs, you will be able to complete your mission and win 200 points. You can get a new mission every 6 hours.

What happens at the end of the month

At the end of the month, the King awards Medals to the 5000 best players of the month. You will not lose any of your Gold Coins, Store tools, Eggs of the Day etc. Only the monthly total of Points is reset. Additionally, at the end of each month certain eggs are retired from the hunt in order to make it easier to find eggs. Missions that haven't been completed for more than 25 days will also be reset.

What are Badges?

Badges are special awards that you can claim for your achievements in the game. Each badge is unique and has special requirements. Some badges unlock even more badges. To claim your badges, please click here

Why are badges locked

Most badges have prerequisites, that include other badges. Badges need to be collected in the specific order. In general, you should attempt to claim badges from the top to the bottom of the page. If you skip some, you will not be able to claim some of the locked badges.

Locked eggs

What are locked eggs

Some old eggs are being retired from circulation and reappear as locked eggs. To retrieve those eggs, you need to use special tools. When you click on a Locked Egg, you will be prompted to buy and use the tool instantly.
Locked eggs do not stay forever! If they haven't been retrieved for 5-10 minutes, they will disappear.

How to win Gold Coins

Search for golden eggs like the one below to earn additional Gold Coins:

You can also exchange gold coins your friends or purchase them.

How do I unlock a locked egg

Just click on the egg to unlock it. If nothing happens, make sure you have not blocked popups from

When can I send tips to my friends?

When you open one of your egg gifts or when you claim an up-for-grabs egg, you can choose to give back 2 points as a tip to the person who sent it to you. The tip points are not deduced from your own account. Please note that tips are not gold coins, but normal game points.

How do I start a Word Game

A Word game is a game-in-the-game, where you will have to find all the letter eggs to complete a word. When you first claim a "letter egg" (an egg with a letter on it) you will be able to start a new word game. Keep finding Letter eggs to finish your word and win extra bonus points. You can start a new word game every six hours.


Can I use eggs I have found earlier for my new mission?

You must find fresh eggs for your mission. You cannot use eggs you found earlier to complete your mission.

How many eggs are we allowed to send per day

You can send up to 100 eggs to your friends every day.

Is there a way to 'reserve' eggs to send them to our friends later?

No. You can only send an egg to a friend at the moment you find it.

How can I put an egg up for grabs?

When you find an egg, please click on 'Up for grabs' to put it up for grabs for your friends. Please make sure to publish the feed story that will come up or else your friends will not be able to retrieve the egg. Only the first person who clicks on the story will get the egg. You can put up to 100 eggs up for grabs every day.

How do I know if an egg that is Up for grabs has been claimed by someone else

You have to click on the story to find out. Unfortunately, facebook does not allow us to automatically remove feed stories about eggs that have already been claimed.

How to find more eggs

The best way to increase your chances of finding eggs is to invite your friends to play. When your friends join, you will have more egg nests to search. You will have more chances of finding eggs in nests which are less trafficked. The best way to achieve this is to invite your existing friends instead of adding new friends from the discussion boards.

I have added some friends but they are not showing up

This may happen if you have more than 2500 friends on facebook. Unfortunately, it's a facebook bug that does not allow egg buddies to function correctly. If you have more than 2500 friends and cannot see your friends' nests, please click here to fix this error. If the problem persists, please contact us.


I cannot switch to another user

Please go to to log out first and log in as a different user before coming back to log in to EggBuddies.

I cannot see an egg

If an egg is displayed as a broken image, or is not displayed at all, please try reloading the page while holding down the 'Shift' key. If that doesn't work, please clear your browser's cache and hit reload.

What is my collection

You can add the eggs to your personal permanent collection. You can find these eggs in your profile page, under the Collection tab. If you cannot find an egg in the other categories, please look in the "Other" category. Note: Please remember that you need to click on the "Add to collection" after finding an egg to add it to your personal collection; eggs are not added automatically when you find them.

I got an "Oops" when I tried to unlock an egg, yet the unlocking tool (keys etc.) was used up

You may see an error page if you click twice on "Unlock" or if you reload the page after unlocking the egg, in which case the first click was successful, but the second results in an error message.

I cannot see egg buddies posts on my facebook home page

Note that after facebook's latest changes, you do not see all the posts from your friends but only the ones facebook deems important. You can still view all the posts by clicking on 'View live feed' (top of your home page). To increase the chances that your posts will appear on your friends' home pages, remember to "like" the post and/or add a comment below it.

You may also have blocked egg buddies posts from appearing in your home page. In that case, please click on 'Edit settings' at the bottom of your home page, and then select 'Applications' to unblock egg buddies.

I got an error when trying to send an egg to a friend

This is usually a glitch in facebook, which handles the sending of requests. Occasionally , facebook may complain about Egg Buddies links because their system thinks - erroneously - that our links are Spam. We are trying to get facebook to fix this, but their systems keep faltering. Please onsider making a support request to facebook to unblock egg buddies links.

How do I unblock Egg Buddies?

If you have accidentally blocked the egg buddies application, please visit this page:§ion=applications&field=blocked_apps to unblock it.

If you have accidentally removed the egg buddies posts from your homepage stream, please click on 'Edit Options' near the bottom of your home page to unblock it.

How do I report a problem?

If you are facing a problem not covered in this FAQ, please use the 'Contact' link at the bottom of the page to report it to us. Please note that, although we review all support requests, we are not able to respond to all of them individually.